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12th August 2020 

We all tend to forget about our feet at one time or another but they are such a complex part of our body, with all the small bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. that when a problem occurs we often need professional help to deal with it.

As we get older or have pain restricting conditions or operations that limit our movement our feet seem a long way away.

I offer a mobile foot health service to people of all ages in the comfort of your own home. I cut and file toe nails, reduce nail thickness, remove corns and callouses and offer advice on a variety of foot health problems including verrucae, athletes foot and ingrowing toenails.

A typical visit would include cutting and filing of toenails, callous reduction and address any other problems, finishing with a short foot massage.
I allow an hour per visit so there is no rush.

20 per person
30 per couple

Please contact me for advice.

I am on the Register for Foot Health Practitioners and fully insured.